How important is localization for your business?

Successful businesses are now communicating with their audience in multiple languages beyond English. Here’s why..

So you are a business in India and have been communicating on the web with your users in English. English has been the most commonly used language across India so far.

However, that landspace is changing at a very rapid pace. According to a Study by KPMG and Google in India (in April 2017), there were 175 million English internet users in India in 2016. And 234 million Indian language users during the same period. However, by 2021, the English Internet users are likely to show a 13% growth, as compared to a projected growth of 129% of Indian language users.

Several changes in India have been the primary drivers for this change, to name a few:

– Reduced mobile data charges

– Growth in overall internet penetration

– Growth of Smartphone users

– Improving digital literacy in Rural India

– Indian language enablement of online ecosystem.

With the increasing number of users now adopting the following Indian languages – Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Bengali, Marathi, Telugu, Gujarati, Malayalam and Punjabi – it is crucial that as a business you also evolve and adopt this.

It has now become extremely crucial for businesses to understand the importance of this and work towards serving their Indic language users online. As a first step – identify a team of experts who understands the need.

It is not as simple as getting a translation done!

A business needs to be able to identify several things about their user before they can put up a localised version of their website online. This includes researching on the most common types of terms used, keeping the language user friendly, making the website interface simple and also to be able to accommodate the larger characters of some of the Indian languages.

Magnon eg+ has a team of language experts, who understand the importance of making your presence suitable for not just the online users, but your offline users too. Working with some of the largest brands in India and overseas, our team is experienced, professional and extremely detail oriented to making your localised web presence a success.

Come and be part of this extra-ordinary growth story – reach out to us if you are a business, or if you are a language expert and our team will be happy to connect with you.

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